good lord, remember me?

let's just start with the obvious - i suck at blogging. now we know. i should've seen it coming. the task is somehow too akin to getting things in the mail for me to actually be successful at it. ask anyone who knows and loves me, they'll tell you they gave up long ago on receiving anything in the post, especially thank you notes. they know it's not personal, other than my own personal character flaw. thankfully, most of them love me anyway.

but i've already digressed from any explanation of blogging failure. i could give you a handful of reasons why i haven't posted since christmas, not the least of which is that i'm avoiding my computer as much as possible. in a good way. in a monkish way that says, no, you don't have to check your email 36 times today, nor 22 times, nor even 10 times. twice is enough. three times, if outside work is expected. and guess what? some days…..i don't even open the computer! gasp!

then there's the fact that i'm writing a book. yes, i'm actually writing it. and it's not a collection of blog posts, i can tell you that. i've come to learn how blogging is really it's own style of writing, one very different from the kind of stuff that will be airing itself in the book. (obviously there will be some overlap - like sarcasm, for instance.) the truth is, i make blogging too complicated. (like so many other things.) i have some subterranean notion that every post has to actually say something. that it must be a 'piece' of writing, when really, it doesn't. it could be this - this steam of consciousness. it could be anything, so long as it's something.

it's possible that once the project and book are done, i'll enjoy the experience of blogging. it could keep my writing muscle toned and my loved one's informed. wait, that's what it is supposed to be doing this year. oops.

the other excuse is that i remain unclear on how to really use the blog. is it a showcase for my writing? (clearly not.) is it a format for keeping supporters and loved ones up to speed? (sorry!) is it a place to reflect freely on the spiritual practices i've taken up so heartily? yes and no to all of the above.

and so i cannot, in good faith, promise you more posts. but i could try. having spit this one out in no time, i see how it would be lovely to stay more in touch, to periodically proffer a little of this and a little of that. 'tis all i can muster, folks. i'm hoarding my big chips for what's coming in print. (god willing and the creeks don't rise…)

now, check out my daily dose of sweetness & light:

photo by charlotte rushton, www.sandprintsphotos.com

p.s. my christmas ribbon pic below was an imitation of the imp on the left, who regularly makes this face…


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