phoebe's story, part i

I know, do I really even need to write anything? She's stunning. She's precious. She's fickle. She's a badass. She's my sun and stars.


This is for The Birds!

Oh, the woes of urban monkdom. I know it sounds ridiculous, but before I took my vows, my first monastic dilemma was whether or not I could go see The Birds on the big screen in downtown Berkeley. It's running tonight and has been on my calendar for ages. I know, I know...paying money (which I don't have) to see ravens pecking out the eyes of alluring blondes doesn't exactly support the goal of quiet, stillness and listening for God. But it's the big screen! And it's Tippi Hedren!


Birthday Candles - Make a Vow!

Today I turned 39 and gave myself a most unusual gift - I took monastic vows. I mean serious, year-long vows. Before God and 5 supportive council members, I took Christian vows of poverty, chastity and obedience, and I took refuge in Buddhism's Triple Gem. I'm officially a monk. Congratulations! I hear you saying, all the while thinking, What the heck is she talking about?
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