Ava and Amelie

Meet the newest arrival at the Cooper's in San Mateo. I spent much of the day with one of these little creatures on my chest - more direct human contact than this monk has had in ages.

Our vulnerability in this world is breathtaking.

At the dinner table with their brothers, Sam, the oldest, was making a chant of the directions, moving his pointer finger in cadence. North-south-east-west; north-south-east-west. I jumped in with my own 4-part jive: Martha-Kay-is the-best! This garnered a round of giggles, then Dimitiri (who turns four tomorrow!) countered, Martha-Kay-is not-so good! Of course this stirred up more laughter, into which this adorable little brown-eyed imp emphatically adds, But I like her 1000%! 

Tomorrow we are decorating pumpkins at the birthday party and I will have to slip away from 15 raucous kids to pray. Family life is everything monastic life is not. What would it be like to live amongst them?



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