25 Random Things About Me

An old 2007 Facebook activity, resurrected in the name of writer's block, aka 'sloth':

My first "official" date was in 5th grade, and included racing go-carts on a home-grown course.

My sister is my best friend. I am also blessed to have several best friends who are sisters.

My favourite store bought comfort foods are - savory: boxed Macaroni & Cheese (Kraft then, Annie's now), sweet: Ben and Jerry's Chocolate Fudge Brownie Frozen Yogurt. 

I wish more people felt comfortable naked.

I knocked out my two front teeth during my own birthday party at Derr's Skating Rink.

I am proud to be named after my Aunt Martha and my Aunt Kay. (And kind of my mom's college roomate Kay, along with my  Great Grandma Martha.)

My mom almost changed my name to Susan when I came out, because my eyes were so dark. From time to time she will still address me as such.

Icebox salad blows.

I hope to cultivate more and more edible plant life with each passing year.

I've got ants in my pants that LOVE to dance!

I believe in Faeries.

I am most grateful for the good, good love of my family & tribe.

A hot air balloon ride is on my list.

So is a winery tour in France, Italy and southern Germany - on a motorcycle equipped with a sidecar.

When someone asks about my religion, I tell them I'm a free agent of the Spirit.

My nieces and nephews are the shit.

Life has been logistically gentle with me, and yet I am no stranger to the dark.

I'd be equally happy at a dive bar, as at a fancy ball, as browsing a used bookstore, as at Wimbledon, as sitting/singing/drinking around a campfire, as at a tea ceremony in Japan.

If I've ever loved you, I'll always love you.

I realised at a very early age that this world is frickin' freaky. 

My father taught me, also at a very early age, how to not spill my juice by explaining (with deep patience, repetition and sincerity) the concept of gravity. 

I hope to explore various locales around the globe, while maintaining a modest little place called home.

One time while doing the dishes, a rotten egg on the window sill exploded in my face. It was bad. Real bad.

I was lucky to have an older brother (by six years!) who spent hours playing with me and who actually enjoyed my company. 

If I could break bread with any one person, living or dead, it would be with my grandfather, Paul H. Derr, who died when I was 18 months old.


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