Just in case Rachel Maddow is looking...

...I'd better post something more fresh than January 17!

Hi Rachel, I really do want to play News Dump with you. I've re-pasted my reasons below. Thanks for being the Abby Wambach of basic news cable and for using the word 'MacGyver' tonight as a fully functioning, completely legitimate verb.

Dear Rachel and Team,

I’d love to play! Admittedly, I lament the lost chance to win those pants (one of my favourite TRMS moments) but any ol’ piece of crap from the office would be a kick to have and a useful talking piece at dinner parties! Here are my specs:

Martha Kay Nelson
Hospice Chaplain for Mission Hospice and Home Care
San Francisco Bay Area (Burlingame, CA)

I’d like to play because:

1. Dinner with TRMS is my nightly ritual after work, so no extra prep work required.
2. I’m such a geek, some Rachel Maddow piece of schwag would truly (probably) be treasured.
3. It would be fun!

Thanks for considering and for the terrific triumvirate of integrity, intellect and levity you offer the masses each night. It is a service and we need it.


p.s. Is there also an episode of old where you’re wearing slippers? (Perhaps I am conflating the lounge pants with some false slipper image.) 

Martha Kay Nelson
Burlingame, CA 

And as a p.s. to anyone else who might read this post...the answer is, YES! I am working like a maniac on the urban love monk book (after work and Rachel) It's coming, it's coming! I swear.

goodness people

i barely remember how to use this blogger thing! i don't think i can apologize enough for dropping off the face of the earth, but i know now that monks are not meant to be bloggers. and i do hope to make it up to you in the book, which is kicking my ass and growing ever more consuming in this final 6 month push. my non-negotiable goal is to have a draft to readers by may day and another draft to my publisher by july 15, 2015. which is like, tomorrow. thank you, as ever, for being a support.
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